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on to the requisite boring introduction

Age:: 19
Hometown:: Berkley, MI
Hair Color:: red
Eye Color:: blue
Height:: 5'2"
Siblings:: a brother
Peircings:: ears and tongue
Tattoos:: one on my lower back. next course of action shall be wings tatooed on my back...finances and fantastic design permitting

Color(s):: blue, red, black, silver
Song:: every three words- melissa ferrick
Movie:: city of god is pretty up there at the moment, but favorite movie of all time is going to have to be the indiana jones trilogy
TV Show:: simpsons
Singer/Band:: at the moment pinback strikes my fancy
Type of Music:: music of the acoustic/ ambient variety
Place to Hang out:: any where there are cool people and a big fat bowl to smoke. but to each his own

religion:: personally, i just dont see a point in it. i guess i just like to think for myself way too much, i find religion incredibly interesting however. its nice to read about it, i just wouldnt want to practice any of it.
finances:: ::shrug:: i have no job, im completly poor, and ahve actually never been happier. i wonder what that means...
political leanings:: quite to the left
favorite authors:: chuck palahniuk, douglas coupland, hubert selby Jr, edgar allan poe
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