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Okay so this has been bothering me because the people I talk to don't seem to be able to give an opinion...so I'm bringing it here 'cause you guys are all good with giving helpful opinions.
Would you be worried if there was nothing holding you back from walking away from everything and everyone that you know and never looking back?
Or maybe I should say shouldn't you be worried....
Does it really make sense that the lack of ties could scare someone?
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I get what youre saying, feeling like you have to miss people in order to validate your care for them. i dont think that's true, some people just aren't natural attachers. and that's okay. i see nothing wrong with walking awayay from the norm, even though somehow considered a betrayal or infidelity- it's still making change. and it has to happen.
i dont think you should be worried, it doesnt mean you dont love them.
yeah it is a change thing I guess.
But still. I mean there are people I'm gonna miss but it's like...even if I was here I woudn't see them because they won't be here or there won't be time so why not just leave it all completely.
But that thought worries me 'cause I'd do it.
attachment = suffering. It's all part of life.
If i ever had the chance to leave everything.. family, friends, loved ones and pets behind and not feel regret. i would be so gone... But unfortunatley that never happens so were stuck stewing in a pot of trying not to hurt those we care about
that reminds me of a quote i heard once...something like: a man without fear is a man without love....or something along those lines.....i don't know how relevant that is to your question...i'm tired.
Yeah I think I've heard that before too. It's true I think. It works.