Joe Gilgallon (awasteofeffort) wrote in lucid_view,
Joe Gilgallon

pondering again... hehe

Maybe the old adage stating that nice guys finish last, is after my many doubts true. those pure of heart and mind seem unsettled, by great lengths of loneliness. maybe i could have had a few girl friends in the past year. but my heart for the longest time belonged to another.. Even with the conclusion of that act, no one was able to captivate my heart, which in turn made me refuse advances due to me only wanting a relationship where love existed.. The skies have spoken with the vacant blue space, unending yet beginning right in front of our eyes. The frost that collects on the window next to me is mere icing on the cake when compared to the frost which holds my heart. Does love ever die.. can you ever shake that emotion of not being with the one you love. does the pain ever subside when you see them and they are happy, and while you're glad they found the same thing you once felt you wonder if they will feel the pain you felt when it was stripped away. Timing played its part and emotion took the bullet this time.. the lights from the city below me flicker on the verge of death... maybe my heart is the same way.. I know someone will read this and pity me, when that which should be pitied is society and how awful it has become.. when you hear 15 yr olds asking each other if they have spread their legs for their boyfriends yet, you see that the world is no longer innocent in the slightest.. the one time hope you had is dashed by the bluntness of society in teaching its youth.. When pandora's box of emotions was opened it gave the following emotions knives to hunt the few good emotions down.. those with knives are as follows, lust, greed, selfishness, hate, and the emotion which does nothing but seek pleasure at all times, instant gratification. Over the years they have hunted down and killed innocence, and now they have cornered love and hope. Perhaps i can save them, but one man can do little in a world of many, perhaps they are beyond help and resuerrection is inevitable.. but have do you resurrect the dead when the living are hardly what they claim to be anyway... alive.. what good is emotion in a world where those who do their best to protect those around them from emotional suffering are shunned and left to fend for themselves... what more can this world do, fighting is a lost cause very little seems possible when you stare at the sun, its brightness doing nothing but blinding you. Maybe thats what we need is to be blind and not see the wickedness which is slowly surrounding us.. Hope and love may yet survive but only if we continue to believe in their existence.. even a frozen heart can tell you these emotions exist.. so why not take a chance and unfreeze it.. there may be no place in the world for them but nice "guys" continue to strive fighting daily for what they believe.. so with luck and a hope that has new life I will watch for my miracle because i figure im due for mine, God is behind me now all i need is that push in the right direction.. Words are useless now for they are drowned in a sea of blasphemy.. Hold on, hold tight, kiss your loved ones goodbye, because tomorrow this all changes
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