sarah lynn (_walk_blindly_x) wrote in lucid_view,
sarah lynn


x-posted from __stopthehate from a few days ago...

wow. this thought came to me today in diversity class...
it gets me so angry when people are close-minded.
is this normal?

like today we got to the topic of beauty pageants
and how they're degrading to women.
but the boys didn't see it
they didn't even try to undertand how the girls felt.
they even said things like: "it measures the perfect female."
but then they didn't understand why girls feel the need to be that "perfect female."
ugh it just pisses me off.

so here's my question:
why do people, who claim to be open minded, act so closed-minded?
and why do they expect you to think the same way they do?
isn't that the opposite of open-mindedness?

i mean, seriously...
don't tell me to be something when you can't even do it yourself!
does that make sense?

kthxbye. ♥sarahlynn
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