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x-posted from __stopthehate from a few days ago...

wow. this thought came to me today in diversity class...
it gets me so angry when people are close-minded.
is this normal?

like today we got to the topic of beauty pageants
and how they're degrading to women.
but the boys didn't see it
they didn't even try to undertand how the girls felt.
they even said things like: "it measures the perfect female."
but then they didn't understand why girls feel the need to be that "perfect female."
ugh it just pisses me off.

so here's my question:
why do people, who claim to be open minded, act so closed-minded?
and why do they expect you to think the same way they do?
isn't that the opposite of open-mindedness?

i mean, seriously...
don't tell me to be something when you can't even do it yourself!
does that make sense?

kthxbye. ♥sarahlynn
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did you try to understand how they felt? Did you not think what they thought was wrong? Did you not think they should see it your way? Is it not being closeminded to get angry when someone else is? This subject really pisses me off... people throw around the term closeminded too liberally these days for it to have any weight. Being closeminded basically means that they are not following the conventions of thought that you do. Are you not closeminded for not accepting people who kill babies? Its progressive you know {sarcasm} So before you throw the term around think about it, because 99.9% of the time you are talking about social conventions which by themselves could be considered closeminded. lol sry for the rant... I love you lots for bringing it up though.

amo et pax,
ok, um no.
this kid was screaming at me and then i responded, calmly, i said very specifically, "i understand your point, but this is how i percieve it ..." then went on to give my point. and i didn't think that they should see it "my way" i just wanted him to fuckin listen to me and he wouldn't. you misunderstood what i said and made me look selfish.
I apologize. not my intent.
who cares if other people are closeminded. I dont understand why it bothers other people so much. why dont you just worry about yourself?
um ... sorry?
I agree. I have a "friend" who is just like that, the absolute epitome of hypocracy. Its just how humans naturally are, sort of. It will hinder them, and those around them, in the future for sure, but that's just how they want to be, so they won't seem "weird" or "stupid" or "gay" by their peers or possible sexual procreation mates.
Simply, humans don't like to look bad. too warped in their own world to consider other possibilities, too selfishly stubborn to consider that ... they might actually be wrong.
noone likes to look bad, and we like to think that we're open minded. others genuinely don't understand, but for the most part it's image.
agreed. also, i think it takes a lot of discipline and courage to disagree with your friends, and a lot of people, though they feel differently, are too self-conscious to voice their beliefs--afraid their friends will oust them.
also: hot icon
i agree... but i would have to admit to trying to surround myself with "hott" people... ugh