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ok..i'll bite-->

Name:: hannah brown
Age:: 17
Hometown:: meriden
Hair Color:: red...kinda like a penny
Eye Color:: i don't even know any more..they used to be they're confused.
Height:: 5' 5"
Siblings:: matt 22
Peircings:: 3 in left ear, 2 in right
Tattoos:: none yet

Color:: green, blue, pink, orange, black(a pseudo color, i know)
Song:: something -- the beatles...among many others..but that one makes me stop dead no matter what i'm doing
Movie:: dr. strangelove, the royal tenenbaums, pulp fiction, um...too many others to list
TV Show:: don't really have one
Singer/Band:: tom waits, supergrass, jeff buckley, the cure
Type of Music:: new wave, old punk, classic rock, brit bubblegum rock (early 60s), british invasion, early 90s alternative
Place to Hang out:: this coffee shop in middletown..ich liebe kaffe.
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