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I feel like I'm applying for a job that doesn't suck...

Hello everyone, this is me..

Name::Andy (Andrya)
Age:: 20
Hometown:: Enfield, Connecticut
Hair Color:: brown
Eye Color:: brown
Height:: 5'5
Siblings:: 2 of them, both teenagers, male.
Peircings:: 10g tongue, ears (14g cartilege, 5 holes each ear)
Tattoos:: lower back, it's tribal rose crap, and another one

Color(s):: black, metallic blue, red
Song:: yea right, like I could decide...
Movie:: shit, I can't pick this either
TV Show:: Viva La Bam (subject to change)
Singer/Band:: Acid Bath
Type of Music:: metal (death), industrial, rap, hardcore, punk, whatever
Place to Hang out:: As long as I'm not hanging in...

religion:: I sit right on the fence, completely neutral. I don't condemn, but I don't encourage. That way, no one can justify condemning ME.
finances:: I try to keep track of my own, I think I'm doing okay so far.
political leanings:: I'm too young for that yet...
favorite authors:: I read a lot of Charles Bukowski and various philosophers..
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