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I feel like I'm applying for a job that doesn't suck...

Hello everyone, this is me..

Name::Andy (Andrya)
Age:: 20
Hometown:: Enfield, Connecticut
Hair Color:: brown
Eye Color:: brown
Height:: 5'5
Siblings:: 2 of them, both teenagers, male.
Peircings:: 10g tongue, ears (14g cartilege, 5 holes each ear)
Tattoos:: lower back, it's tribal rose crap, and another one

Color(s):: black, metallic blue, red
Song:: yea right, like I could decide...
Movie:: shit, I can't pick this either
TV Show:: Viva La Bam (subject to change)
Singer/Band:: Acid Bath
Type of Music:: metal (death), industrial, rap, hardcore, punk, whatever
Place to Hang out:: As long as I'm not hanging in...

religion:: I sit right on the fence, completely neutral. I don't condemn, but I don't encourage. That way, no one can justify condemning ME.
finances:: I try to keep track of my own, I think I'm doing okay so far.
political leanings:: I'm too young for that yet...
favorite authors:: I read a lot of Charles Bukowski and various philosophers..
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religion:: I sit right on the fence, completely neutral. I don't condemn, but I don't encourage. That way, no one can justify condemning ME.

Interesting that you write that because Biblically those that sit on the fence will be condemned to hell...they are the hypocrites. The ones that lack courage to stand for anything.

Please don't take that as me condemning you...I just found it interesting that you wrote that.

So yeah welcome...I'm sure we'll have many wonderful debates discussions.

That's interesting. I never quite picked up on that I guess, and believe me when I say I have quite a religious background.
I think there are people out there who will condemn anyone, whether provoked to or not.
I have beliefs, and I stand up for them, and a lot of my beliefs can and do fall under the 10 Commandments.
I just live my life as harm-free and honest as I can, and hope that if "Judgement Day" ever does come, I can just say, "Look, I can't control my own doubt. At least I tried, does that count for something?"
Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to joining in the discussions.
that's cool...

i believe there will be a day of judgement and i believe that if your intentions were pure throughout your life then it does harm-free and honestly...that's more than most people..

so if it were up to me...which i recognize it isn''d be in :)

for what that's worth...


you'll both forgive me if I take a different approach... a sorta Zorastrian ideal of there being to opposing points in a human, one good and one evil, that are equally blananced in a adjusted person and both are equally important to self.

Bleh oh btw you sound lik ean awesome person to have in on the disscusions. welcome.

so i guess life is the struggle to keep those two facets of self in balance

in my mind yes. lol but I have to preface every one of my ascertions with the idea that everything i say is probably hypocracy, idiocy, or lies ;)


well continue prefacing my friend...and recognize that the same odd inconsistencies lie in everything that i say with regards to faith...spirituality...and things of the like


well other than all that jibber jabber...

... i had an ex that lived in enfield until she went to college...

"Jibber Jabber"?!? I resent that statement :P
I just moved here a few years ago, I still don't know a lot about the town.
It's alright though...
Just be careful though, I heard people usually end up moving back...
lol... no it's all good... supposed to hang out when she comes down to visit my other ex... fa;slkjdf;lk lol... it's weird... like all my ex's meet eachother and become friends... ::shrug::

mr t is god... so some jibber jabber is always in