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ok i have a random question for everyone in here

a while ago i posted this in my LJ:

"ive been reading generation X by douglas coupland
and its quite a fantastic book
theres a chapter called "purchased experiences dont count"

which has prompted me to ask a question to everyone out of sheer curiosity
and i shall pose this question in a form of a direct quote from the book:

"after youre dead and buried and floating around whatever palce we go to, whats going to be your best memory of earth? what one moment for you defines what its like to be alive on this planet?"

sorry if it sounds like im trying to be all bohemian and shit
but im honestly curious
because i know everyone, no matter at what point in their lives, has experienced something that made them see past all the consumer marketed bullshit, and horror in the world.
one experience that made you stop and think that maybe the world isnt such a bad place after all

for me it was the black out last summer and laying on the hill looking at the stars, while the whole of the midwest scrambled to find generators to turn their precious air conditioning and tvs back on

im curious as to what memory springs to mind for other people after reading that quote"

2 of the 40 some odd people on my friends list replied to it
when i inquired to other people why they ahdnt
their reply was
"i couldnt think of anything"
and frankly
i dont buy it
i dont care what kind of person you are
someone who sits around all day long thinking of society's ills,
someone who cant distinguish their ass from a hole in the ground

my theory is, that EVERYONE has a memory along those lines
a memory that no matter what happens in their lives they will always be able to go back and exist in the moment again

i know what my memories are,
i have way more then the one i wrote about
but im insanely curious as to what other people's are

so hopefully someone in this community has some things theyd like to share
itd make me ever so happy

(PS i apologize if this is weird)
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ok for starters this is totally wierd because my girlfriend and I were talking about this at breakfast this morning. THIS EXACT THING.

For me it will be the way the first bite of a McDonald's sausage biscut taste. Reason being, when I was a kid we didn't have a lot of money, but as a treat on Sunday mornings after church my mom would take us to McDonald's. Corny I know but that's my memory.
see thats EXACTLY what im talking about

i think most of my friends didnt reply because they thought their memory was corny, or not interesting enough
but the point is its YOUR memory
its something thats dear to you enough to stick out in your mind

and it was precisely what i was looking for
thank you :)
alright so ya i think i'll remeber all those times that i have lost my memory of now... i mean you know how your like lying on your bed and looking at the patterns on somthing and they start to mean something and you start to follow the patterns with your mind and even build on them or change them but not really change them... like i dono how to explain it so i'll just hope i'm not the only physco that does this but then like you discover something and then the next thing you know it's been half an hour and the pattern is back to normal and you can't remeber a dam thing you'ld discovered... i think that's what i'll remeber... or all those times when the seems to shift... like when i don't have my glasses on and i can fall into the sky, or while i'm diving and everything is just magical ya know... those times... but ya theres mine
i can actually think of a couple right now: last fall when i was in the play at school. yes, corny; yes, i'm a drama nerd, but the cast i worked with was the best i'd ever performed with and i had so much fun and we all did so well. the second is probably at my grandparents' house on long island, watching the moon rise for the first time over the peconic bay. the third is probably just enjoying a good cup of coffee and listening to some good tunes.
hellz yea
drama nerd recognize
my high school did 3 plays a year. for my four years of high school i participated in 11 plays
student directed 3 of them

so yep
i definitly have a love of the theatre

a good chunk of my favorite memories come from different plays i did with all of my high school chums. its also how i met the first boy i ever loved...

but thats a loooong sordid little story
i love directing; it's so rewarding if the actors actually listen to you. i've only had one experience with it though, and it was a dramatic reading and only a 10 minute scene X( i really want to do more of it in college.
well there are a few that i would have liked to remember but they seem to have lost meaning when the people that made the memories so great stopped caring.

>last summer at camp i was talking with my best friend, who is my boyfriend now, but he wasnt at the time (but thats a whole other story), and we were on these back steps of my cabin with this other kid too. and my best friend was just so upset and was talking about death and i just started crying and telling him that he couldnt ever die because then who would be my best friend, and he just hugged me and kissed me on the top of my head and told me that it would be ok.

>also that same week, actually i think it was later that night, a few of us took a blanket outside and laid in the grass and just watched the stars. we saw some shooting stars and it was just so peaceful and calming.

that was just a good week.

that memory just make me so happy when i just sit here and think about it