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i watched the OC today for the first time and i was mildly amused, mostly annoyed...i'm getting tired of television that lacks's sickening..where are all the people of we only exist on BET...oops correction...only people of African descent and Latin Americans exist on BET....Middle Eastern/South East Asian...we're only on the world news...

it really pisses me off to no end to watch and view things that do not represent any part of me except for the fact that i was born in north america. that being said, i'm still questioned at least once a day about my origin.

"where are you from?"
"No, I mean where are you from?" the second time around the question is exaggerated the way that people exaggerate for those who are hearing impaired....

i wonder what do all of you think? upon reading this...were you suddenly struck by the fact that television lacks racial diversity or did you always recognize it?
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