Amber Emily (crookedhearts) wrote in lucid_view,
Amber Emily


what do you think about gay and lesbian marriages??
i think that they should be allowed.. i mean..
would you rather have a drunken guy and a crack addict woman
be a child's parents? or two loving people of the same sex who
are nice,caring and loving.. i mean i think that people are just
afraid of new things.. well thats my opinion..
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I 100% believe that gay marriages should be allowed. It shouldn't matter what the sex of the people marrying it is, and what harm does it do to anyone else? None whats so ever. I just think some people are too stuck on their own stupid ass close minded ways to see outside their freaking little box. (srry this issue gets me ryled(sp?) up)

i know.. in my magazine.. bush goes.. marraige is a scared thing between a "man and woman" i was like thats so bull... and ya what harm does it do.. well people do need to look "out" of their box and open up their minds..

~ Amber
if marraige is sacred why is the court making rules about it? what ever happened to seperation of church and state?
I am ALL ABOUT same sex unions. Have a ceremony, do it all! As long as you love one another what the hell does it matter? The world is too small anymore to judge ANYTHING.
I am for them. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them, and they should be allowed.

If you looked at it in a more "state-centric" way, you could say that they are doing society a favor, by adopting children, making less homeless/orphaned kids.

Nothing wrong with it at all.

nice icon lgiceprincess ;D
Thank you thank you...:-)

PS u should see my background
i honestly don't care what two or more people do with each other as long as they're not hurting anyone...unless they like s&m, in which case my argument is...confusing me..
"would you rather have a drunken guy and a crack addict woman
be a child's parents?"

and do you think gay people cant be crack addicts and drunks?
they can.. but so can stright people.. i was just making a point
marriage is a religous thing between a man and woman,So by that gay marriage can't happen. But that doesnt mean i dont think they should't have it. Civil union. Same benfits,same tax cuts,just not the religous title.